Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fade Winner!

I'm still neglecting my blog, but I can't help it. Work sucks! Lol.

I didn't forget about my contest though. I'm shocked that I didn't, but I remembered. I mean, I did have an alrm set on my phone for like 2am on the 26th, but I fell asleep after it went off, and usually I'd forget again, lol.

Sadly, I didn't get to 100 followers, but I did get more entries than I thought I did, which tickles me to death. I thought it would bomb with like 2 entries, but I got a few more than that. However, that does mean that the lucky winner of this contest does not get Gone by default.

So now for the winner, who I have already contacted, and will hopefully get back to me soon or else I'll go to the second in line.

The winner is.....*drum roll*

Her entry was chosen at random by some rnadom number generator I found online, lol. If she does not contact me soon, I already have the second place winner chosen, and will contact them and announce them as the winner when they contact me.

So congrats to the winner, and everyone look out for a few more posts from me over the weekend. I'm hoping to post about another contest, maybe post a few reviews, start my 2010 Book List, finalize my 2009 Book List and do a very long, but update list of books that I got recently. Oh, and I got awards. I need to post about those, too!


  1. Yay!!! Thank you so much! You totally made my day! Thank you for the Splash award.

  2. Work totally kills trying to blog and have a life also, I totally understand.