Saturday, December 26, 2009

My First Ever Contest :: Fade by Lisa McMann

1st :: I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I sure did. It was my best one in a loooong time. I also hope everyone was safe, and will keep being safe on into the New Year. You know how people get this time of year.

2nd :: I have a MAJOR In My Mailbox to do tomorrow, lol. Loads of books in for me since my last IMM, and most came this past week! Yay!

3rd :: It's time for my official contest annoucement. It's my first ever contest, and I hope it does somewhat good. Lol.

Here's the deal.

The contest starts today, Dec. 26th 2009. You will enter to get a chance to be the ONE person to win ONE copy of Fade by Lisa McMann. This copy of Fade is brand new! I haven't read it, opened it or anything.

Can't you smell it now? The clean, crisp, untouched pages? *sighs dreamily*

Anywho, the contest will end one month from now, Jan. 26th 2010. Just TWO weeks before the third book in the series, Gone, comes out. I will announce the winner at least two days after the contest is over. So check your e-mails and the blog around Jan. 28th or so.

Now, there's more.

If, by chance, I manage to get 100 followers by Jan. 26th, the winner of Fade will also get a copy of Gone when it comes out. If I get 150 followers by Feb, 9th -the release date of Gone- one more person will win the sencond copy of Gone.

So, get 100 followers by Jan 26th, and one lucky winner gets Fade AND Gone. Get 150 by Feb. 9th, one lucky winner will a copy of Gone.

Sound good?

Now, let me make sure you get this.

If I don't have 100 followers by Jan. 26th, the winner of Fade won't win Gone, and the 2nd copy won't be up for grabs. :( BUT if I do get 100 by the 16th, and I get 150 by Feb. 9th I will choose one person from my 150 followers and give them Gone. BUT if I don't have 150 by that day, no one will get the 2nd copy. :(
And remember, I have to wait until Gone comes out to send it to you. So to the future winner of Gone, you'll have to wait at least two weeks for you copy of Gone.

Anywho, back to the Fade contest. It starts now, and it ends January 26th. Look below to see how to enter this contest.

To enter ::
Leave a comment with your name, e-mail and something that tells me that you really want this book.

That's it! Easy peasy!

BUT you can get extra entries ::
+3 for already being a follower
+1 for becoming a follower after this post
+2 for Tweeting, Facebooking or MySpacing about this contest, lol. Each gets +2 points, BTW, but you MUST leave links.
+3 for posting about this on your blog- whether it be an actual post or just on your sidebar. Links are also needed here.
+2 for following me on Twitter, either my personal or blogging account.
AND the biggest one of them all...
+5 for having the Gone countdown on your sidebar. I have it one mine, and you can get it on yours.

You can get LOADS for entries here, peeps! Seriously!

Now, if you do not feel comfortable posting your e-mail address, you can e-mail me at brttmclv(AT)aol(DOT)com. I hate to do it, but this contest is only for US residents. I'm kinda broke. :(

So breakdown:
Starts now.
Ends Jan. 26th 2010.
One copy of Fade.
One winner.
One way to enter.
Loads of ways to get extra.
A chance to win Gone.
And a chance to jump start my second contest.

I think this sounds good. Oh, and to follow me on Twitter ::

Personal - @brttmclv
Blog - @UltimateDumpees

Now enter, shout about it, and make me happy. Please? :) Oh, and if you have any questions just ask here or e-mail me.


  1. Awesome contest!! I love this series! I've read them but don't own the books, I got them from the library. I can't wait for Gone.. I'm a new blog follower so it's
    +1 new follower
    +2 follow you on twitter on your personal account

  2. Awesome First Contest. I Am Reading Wake Right And Would So Love To Win A Copy Of Fade To Go With My E-Book Of Wake.

    +1 For Becoming A Follower After This Post.
    I Am A Follower Of Your Blog.

    +2 For Tweeting, Facebooking Or MySpacing About This Contest, lol. Each gets +2 points, BTW, but you MUST leave links.
    I Tweeted About This Contest. Name Is @skyla11377

    +3 For Posting About This On Your Blog- Whether It Be An Actual Post Or Just On Your Sidebar. Links Are Also Needed Here.
    I Posted A Blog About This Contest.

    +2 For Following Me On Twitter, Either My Personal Or Blogging Account.
    I Follow @UltimateDumpees And @brttmclv On Twitter.

    Raquel Vega-Grieder

  3. Hiya great contest. Please enter me. I am now a new follower. I hope you get up to 100, very exciting.

    +1 Follower
    +2 Tweet
    +2 Following on twitter, @Parajunkee

  4. I'm in! whatbookisthat at gmail dot com

    +1 new follower
    +2 following @UltimateDumpees on Twitter (I'm @heynocupcake)
    +2 Tweeted the contest-


  5. Came over from BookReaderTimes Tweet. :)I loved Wake-and haven't yet read Fade. It's been on my list forever. I did the following:
    -Became a new Follower
    -Followed you on Twitter
    -Will put the countdown on my blog.
    Email: ABuckeyegirlReads at

  6. Couldn't put the countdown on my blog-couldn't find the code for it. ):

  7. Figured out how to do it, but had to take it off-didn't fit right.

  8. +1 new follower

    I read Wake, but didn't have the money to buy Fade. :(

  9. I'd like to win it because I've read the first book and LOVED it!

    I tweeted:

    I am now following the blog on twitter. I'm @eheinlen.


  10. I absolutely love this series, so that’s why I’m dying to win this contest! :)

    +3 for already being a follower
    +2 for Tweeting:
    +2 for following you on Twitter on your blog account (@lauren817)


  11. I want this book so much, I put it on my Amazon wish list before it even had a release date and picture. :-)

    whatinabox (at) gmail (dot) com

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    +2 Twitter follower of @UltimateDumpees as @whatinabox
    +5 Gone countdown widget in sidebar:

  12. I am alread a follower - what an awesome contest! :)
    I cant find your twitter but I would love to be friends, I am @bookcrazyblog
    My email is Jenn@

    and btw you have an award at Book Crazy

  13. I have read the first book in the series and really want to read the second!

    +1 new follower

    +2 follow blog on twitter @throuthehaze

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com