Thursday, October 8, 2009



1: Can I use the graphics you make?
Yes, but only if you let me know that you are using them and tell me where you are using them. I also ask that you credit me so everyone will now who made it and know where to find me.

2: Do you take requests for graphics?
Holy yes! I love making banners, headers, icons and etc. for people. Just send me and e-mail or find me on Twitter.

3: Do you do book contests?
Sadly, I am a broke book person. My collection is weak and so is my bank account, so I won't be giving away any books for a while. However, I will link and post about lots of contests so you know where to go win some.

4: What type of graphics program do you use?
I use Paint Shop Pro 9. Sometimes I'll use GIMP2 but not often. I haven't learned it yet, lol.

5: I have a question that isn't on the FAQ's list, what do I do?
E-mail me or ask me in some way. I'll answer and most likely add it here.

So, number 5 was to let you all know this- If you have any questions that are not on the list, ask away so I cna make my tiny list bigger. Look at the Contact tab to find a way to contact me.

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