Sunday, October 4, 2009

You Had Me At Hello

*looks at post title* Yep, corny but very famous line. Though I can't seem to recall the name of the movie it came from. Humm, *shrugs*

Oh well, after spending an hour trying to think up a good blog name and another half hour trying to worm my way around this site, I am finally making my first post.

First things first, do not ask me how I got my blog name. I'll deal with that after I post a little and get some people actually looking at the blog. If you, by chance, know how I got it, please be nice and be quiet. *big grin* The name has meaning and I want to share it with everyone at the same time- after I send them on a wild goose chase to figure out where I got it from. *another big grin*

Secondly, I will add some buttons and links later but it's 2am and I don't feel like doing all that right now!

I'm going to try to end this now because I am super tired. I want to blame Amber from
Just Your Typical Book Blog for making me make this. No, she didn't literally make me make it but I have to blame someone and well, she's told me before I need to make one, so I pick her. I also realize that everyone has a blog on blogger, except me. *pout*

Wait, that's a lie. I have/had one but it's so dusty the link won't open. So, I made a new. This one. *smile*

I'm not exactly sure what I'll put on here but I know you will see a lot of stuff about books and you'll see a lot of things that I have made- i.e. banners, icons, re-mixed book covers.

Actaully, the graphics gave me that last push to make this blog. I've been making a lot recently and I want to show them off because I'm a feedback junkie and I want to hear what everyone thinks of the things that I spend hours making. That cool? Are you all going to give me feedback? If so, I promise not to add my country accent into my typing- i.e. ya'll, folks, howdy. Deal?

Okay, that's it for my first post. We are somewhat accquainted. Soon I will, hopefully, have my own header and a page full of posts. But until then...


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  1. Hi Brittany;
    Fun blog. How are you listed under Facebook?
    Mike Draper