Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Touch of Darkness Review

Touch of Darkness by Christina Dodd

The second book in the Darkness Chosen series follows middle brother Rurik Wilder. It all takes place after his oldest brother finds love and the first of four icons that will save their father from Hell and their family from the curse that has haunted them for centuries. He is an acrcheologist, a scarred former Air Force Pilot and, when he gives into his innder self, a fierce bird of prey.

He's also falling in love with a woman who holds a deep secret of her own.

Tasya Hunnicutt is a journalist who has followed Rurik on many digs not because she loves the history of his finds, but for her own reasons. Her family was murdered by a cruel family and she wants revenge. She wants to expose them and weaken them. But these murderes are not your average day Joe's. These men, this family holds a power within that makes them more than human.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book. I think archeology is the coolest thing, so the fact that Rurik was an archeologist made it much better for me, which says something because the book was fantastic by itself.

There was so much to this book besides the romance and the Varinski's. We learned a lot about Tasya's family and her culture, and we learned more about Rurik's horrible past. Of course, it had a semi-happy ending, but this book by far had one of the best adventures of the whole series.

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  1. glad you liked it...i sooo want to read this series...