Monday, October 5, 2009

Hush, Hush Teaser Banners

So, there's this really cool fansite for this really good book, that I have not read yet- because the postal service hates me and my need for good books- but trust the people who say that this book is amazing. The fansite is called Fallen Archangel. The book is called Hush, Hush and the writer is the amazing Becca Fitzpatrick. This awesome fansite also has a blog, Coldwater High eZine, and on said blog, the webmisses, Rebecca and Jenn, are giving out one teaser line/quote a day until Hush, Hush's release date, October 3rd.

Well, me being in my Paint Shop Pro mood, made a banner for the first Teaser Line. Then, I made one for the second.

View them after the jump.

Teaser #1 Banner:

Teaser #2 Banner:

I've made more stuff for Hush, Hush but I'll post those later. I'll be posting the Teaser Banners everyday, hopefully.


  1. Love them! Keep up the great work!

  2. LOL You are good! I just can't seem to see Ethan Peck as Patch, but it seems like a lot of other people can. :-) I LOVE the banners.

  3. Jenn, who do you see as Patch? I know I thought of Matt Dallas but everyone says Ethan, lol.

  4. OoooOoo I didn't see that second Patch banner. Love it Britt!