Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hush, Hush Teaser Banners 4 & 5

These are kind of late but I've been sick and busy. I'm trying to catch up and make the 6th one as I type but I gotta go to bed soon.

**Personal Note- I'll be a God-mother by tomorrow at noon! My best friend is having my God-son and I gotta go to the hospital tomorrow morning at 5 while she's induced into labor. Yay!

But here are the banners!

Hush, Hush Teaser Banner 4

Hush, Hush Teaser Banner 5


  1. That is freakin' clever what you did with the Archangel banner! And me likies the Patch/Nora one =D

  2. It took me forever to find a way to do the Archangel Ride banner! I could not think of a thing to do. I ended up using two photos and three textures to make that banner AND then I had to colorize it, lol.

    The Nora/Patch one took a while, too. There are 4 different photos in that banner.